Taxis with Child Seats in London

Taxi with a Child seat London

It is exciting to travel with the family, but at the same time, it becomes challenging with the children. The primary concern of the parent is about their child's safety and comfort while using public transport, especially taxis. As an innovation in other things, we as a taxi company also overcome the parents' concerns and install baby seats in taxis. Meanwhile, taxis have different-size baby seats, so you can reserve any according to your children's age. Along with baby seats, our pro-drivers who drive with special care when there are childern in ride. We also offer kid-friendly amenities so that they can enjoy their whole journey happily.

If you are planning to travel with kids from Landon to anywhere in UK, then you are at the right place.Book a taxi with child seat with Manchester Airport Trips taxi service for safe travel.  

Benefits Of Taxi With Baby Seat with Us

A taxi is a convenient choice while traveling within the city. Its comfort further increases due to the presence of a safety seat. There are a lot of advantages to traveling in a taxi with a baby seat. Some of them are given below:


The fundamental significance of these taxis is the safety of your kids. Their seats are designed in such a way as to protect against sudden stops. Meanwhile, little seat belts also put toddlers and infants in their place. Hence, it helps minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.


You carry a bunch of gear when traveling with a baby. So, taxis with child seats provide a room where you can place their luggage. You never need to place their stuff around your seats. Just install an infant seat and conveniently enjoy your whole journey.

Seat compatibility level

Before booking a taxi with a child seat with us, check the seat-size compatibility with the age and size of your child. Choose baby seat 0 for children age 0-4,choose baby seat 1 for childern age 4-8 and choose booster seat for children age 8 plus.

Seat condition

Our car seats are brand new ,safe and secure. It is risky for infants to travel on damaged or defective seats.

Safety belt

While using a child seat must wear a safety belt so that your child remains safe during sudden stops. Be careful in belt-tightening because too loose or tight belts may harm your infant.

Expert Drivers

Our drivers are highly expert and have great experience in driving family taxis. Because driver competency matters a lot for safe driving.

If you want a safe and hassle-free ride with your family in London or anywhere in the United Kingdom, then a taxi with a baby seat is the best choice for you. Within these taxis, you can calmly travel your whole journey with children. However, baby seat laws in the UK ensure certain precautions and safety measures before hiring any service. Because a little negligence becomes the cause of great damage. Following the government children's travel laws is always good to ensure everything runs smoothly while travelling.

Does a taxi charge extra for using a baby seat in London?

Yes, we charge 13£ extra for the car seat as a service charge in London. Some taxi providers claim to offer free car seats, but this is not true because they charge the customers extra without letting them know. When you inquire about the charges before booking a taxi, you will know it. Following are the taxi prices from London to different United Kingdom locations with baby seats.

Location Saloon Car Saloon Car with child seat Distance
Travel Time
London to Birmingham Taxi £265 £278 118 miles 2 hr 26 minutes
London to Sheffield Taxi £388 £401 167 miles 3hr 17 minutes
London to Norwich Taxi £264 £277 117 miles 2 hr 32 minutes
London to Oxford Taxi £138 £151 60 miles 1 hr 37 minutes
London to Cambridge Taxi £141 £154 61 miles 1 hr 29 minutes
London to Heathrow Airport Taxi £50 £63 17 miles 42 minutes
London to London City Airport Taxi £37 £50 9 miles 35 minutes
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