10 Busiest Airports in England

Published February 18, 2024

England is a well-developed European country with a multitude of airports for both national and international flights. These airports serve as central hubs for business, tourism, and casual travel. However, traveling to those locations you do not know is a panic. Therefore, in this guide, we explore England's top 10 busiest airports. Each airport fulfills all the basic needs of travelers with a variety of luxuries and relaxing points. Whether it is the UK’s famous Heathrow Airport or Manchester Airport, all represent England's superb transportation infrastructure. All of them have dynamic transport systems, large terminals, shopping centers, and many more.

Join us to delve into the best airports in the UK with their symbolic significance, economic benefits, global connection, and passenger support. We also discuss the taxi service companies associated with each airport and the various taxi options.

Following are the most known airports that serve millions of travelers each year. Let’s explore the bustling terminals and runways of the UK, where to start the journey, and make new memories.

Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is located in west London and stands out as the busiest airport in England, even around the world. With a wide range of airlines and terminals, it welcomes millions of travelers to entertain with its superclass services. Its five immense terminals furnish modern facilities that cater to all visitors with a seamless experience.

There are a lot of branded shops, restaurants, and food courts available in each terminal lounge. From famous boutiques to street shops, all are entertainment and shopping centers for passengers. Meanwhile, the seating area offers soft seats so that passengers feel relaxed while waiting for their flight.

In terms of transport, Heathrow Express and London Underground provide comfortable access across London. These trains are a convenient and cheap way to travel to and from the airport in London. Moreover, there are also a variety of choices for ground transportation, like taxis, cabs, cars, etc.

Heathrow Airport

Gatwick Airport

It is the second busiest airport in central London, near Crawley and Sussex. 175 airline services with 165 destination points, making it popular for business and leisure travelers. Two large North and South terminals, along with 65 gates, are full of amenities and facilities for passengers. Both terminals are equally bustling due to the wide range of shopping centers, restaurants, and lounges accessible to all passengers, even the disabled. Thus, travelers can dine, buy duty-free things, and amuse themselves with other activities while waiting for their flights.

Due to its connection with London and other surrounding areas, it offers various transportation options for people's convenience. Taxi services are available 24/7 around the airport to provide travel facilities across the city. People pre-book their taxis, minibusses, cars, or any other vehicle according to their taste. Hence, passengers can enjoy hassle-free travel services within and out of the airport.

Overall, Gatwick Airport is a modern and safe airport for travelers, with multiple advantages. The diverse range of destination points, efficient airlines, superb transportation system, effective security, and facilities make it the best airport in Europe.

Gatwick Airport

Manchester Airport

The third busiest airport outside London is Manchester Airport, which welcomes travelers to its extraordinary provisions. Wide-scale and exceptional facilities make it the best alternative to Heathrow Airport. It is a pretty place for those who love winter sun and a peaceful environment in tropical escapes. From leisure travelers to business executives, Manchester Airport caters to all ranges of passengers awesomely. It acts as a gateway to world-class cities due to the extensive number of airlines and destination points. The airport infrastructure is superb, from the terminals to the runways, ensuring a good travel experience for passengers.

It has three large terminals that are full of facilities. All of them have super wide lounges, with soft setting arrangements, food, shops, baggage claim areas, security, and many other things to explore.

Moreover, there are also a variety of choices for ground transportation, like taxis, cabs, cars, etc. Among the diverse range of taxi services, Manchester Airport Trips is the best company, with many taxi options.

In a nutshell, Manchester Airport is the central hub of the UK and offers great connection, convenience, and first-class travel services. It is the most captivating and robust platform, with excellent support.

Manchester Airport

London Stansted Airport

The tertiary busiest airport in London, located in Essex, plays a significant role in traveling for domestic and regional flights. It enhances England's connection with the world due to more than 160 destinations for travelers across the world. Its one main terminal for passengers is full of amenities for its visitors. Moreover, its strategic location, modern terminal, and great connection uplift it from the others.

Its terminal is divided into three areas: the check-in area, the departure area, and the arrival area. The main terminal building has no gate; instead, gates are located in the satellite buildings. Like other airports, it also offers a variety of custom-free shops, restaurants, and many other accessories.

There are proper parking areas for different vehicles. Meanwhile, it also offers taxi transportation services for onward travel from the airport. Private vehicles, cabs, and taxis are all available outside the terminals for passenger assistance. Passengers also pre-book their rides to enjoy smooth travel after taking a long flight.

In general, London Stansted Airport is a vital hub for millions of travelers each year. There are also terminal extension programs running to upgrade the standard of the airport. Embark on it and enjoy the ease of your journey.

London Stansted Airport

 Luton Airport

It is an international airport in Bedfordshire, located 35 miles away from the north of central London. Historically, it played a significant role as an RAF base during the Second World War. After that, the airport evolved for commercial activities and general flights across the world. Although Luton airport has a smaller size as compared to other regional ports, it boosts facilities, efficient operations, and security.

It has one double-story terminal building with a screening hall, shops, restaurants, and multiple departure gates. Regardless of its bustling nature, it provides an entertaining process to reduce travel stress. Whether passengers want to enjoy after-boarding or last-moment shopping, it offers a plethora of options.

Along with taxi transportation, it provides access to several other convenient choices for onward travel. It lies near the M1 motorway, which travels to many other connected cities in England. Meanwhile, Luton Airport Parkway, Thameslink, and East Midlands Railways are serving passengers. Various bus and taxi services are also accessible outside the terminal.

In conclusion, Luton Airport plays a crucial role in the economy and travel landscape of England. It provides comfortable and reliable travel options for its travelers.

Luton Airport

Birmingham Airport

Another dynamic air hub and England's busiest airport is Birmingham Airport. It is situated at the center of the West Midlands in Birmingham city. It connects millions of passengers to destinations worldwide annually. In the beginning, it started as Elmdon Airport in 1930, then underwent significant expansion and became the modern airport of the current era.

The bustling terminal of the airport is full of activities for passengers. A wide array of amenities and extensive services boost the passenger experience. It caters to all the needs of passengers, from shopping to dining, leisure areas to business assistance, and all facilities for peaceful passenger journeys. From families that are going to enjoy their vacations to business people, all can find things of interest.

Furthermore, the broad route network enhances convenience for travelers in surrounding cities. Direct flights within Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and beyond provide access to the global network. On the other hand, there are reliable services also available outside of the airport for passengers for onward travel. Travelers can pre-book or hire taxis, cars, minibusses, or other luxury cars according to their demand.

Overall, Birmingham Airport has a strategic location, the latest facilities, wide connections, and a diverse culture.

Birmingham Airport

  London City Airport (LCY)

An international and vital gateway to England's capital is London City Airport (LCY). Located on the Royal Docks in the east of London city. It is the perfect choice for business travelers to enjoy efficient and easygoing travel. Although it is small compared to other busiest airports, its services and facilities are convenient and extraordinary. It has a single, double-story terminal building with 18 gates. More than ten airlines are serving different destinations worldwide.

LCY is designed superbly and offers advanced facilities to boost the traveling experience. From check-in to boarding, seating to flying, everything is up to the mark. There are a variety of shops and brands that offer accessories, gifts, fashion essentials, and many other duty-free items. Thus, passengers can explore and buy things before their flights.

Regarding ground transport, it offers several choices for onward travel. The London City Airport DRL Station adjoining the terminal provides the best train services. Meanwhile, the traditional London black cabs are just outside the terminal to serve people. Pre-booked taxi services are also accessible for personal travel. With these wide ranges of options, passengers can enjoy their journey and make good memories.

london city airport

     Bristol Airport (BRS)

It is an international airport located in the southwest of Bristol, England. It's a bustling airport that accommodates millions of travelers annually with many facilities and support. The welcoming environment and modern services make it the premium choice for passengers who are seeking comfortable flights.

One terminal building is equipped with the latest facilities, from check-in to airlines, security checkpoints, baggage claim areas, and other amenities. Travelers have easy access to the comfy seating areas, charging sites for electric devices, and informational desks. Amidst the terminals, people navigate across the shops, cafes, and lounges that offer a variety of items. Whether one seeks to take a rest or enjoy leisure time shopping, Bristol Airport caters to all fantasy in it.

There are a variety of different airlines that serve domestic and regional flights. Furthermore, it offers reliable taxi services for passengers outside the airport. A variety of cabs, taxis, minibusses, and cars are all accessible for the passenger's convenience while traveling. Overall, Bristol Airport is a good port for all kinds of passengers who want to enjoy comfort and a quick journey. 

Bristol Airport (BRS)

   Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL)

Another busiest airport is Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL), located 7.5 miles southeast of Liverpool City, England. Due to its convenient location, it offers flights within Europe and beyond.

Single airport terminals boost the facilities for travelers' supreme services. It has a wide launch with separate entrance and departure areas that offer comfy seats and free WiFi services. Security checkpoints and baggage claim areas provide everything passengers need for an efficient journey. In addition, numerous shops, restaurants, boutiques, and brands are all accessible from a single terminal.

LPL is well-connected with the city via various transportation options. “86A” bus services, “National Express,” and “South Parkway” railway stations offer access for onward travel. Taxis and pre-booked vehicles are all accessible for passenger convenience. Moreover, it also offers parking services to passengers for short and long-term parking.

All-inclusive Liverpool John Lennon Airport is a link between Liverpool and all around the world. From terminals to airlines, all are mind-blowing. It's a rapid, comfy, and super platform for air travel.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL)

   Newcastle International Airport (NCL)

The busiest airport in Northeast England is Newcastle International Airport (NCL), located 7.7 miles away from Newcastle City. Dating back to 1930, it has evolved with the latest facilities to become modern air travel. From the start to its current status, it has been adapting and expanding continuously to fulfill the needs of travelers. Known for its excellent services, supreme facilities, and efficiency in connecting travelers' destinations far and wide.

The single terminal building is full of amenities that attract passengers to explore their things of interest. From business facilities to comfortable launches, airports take care of the needs and preferences of travelers. 

Along with the services, it plays a vital role in the economy and development of England. A diverse range of airlines are serving many destinations within and out of Europe.

Newcastle International Airport is connected to the main city with various transportation options. Passengers can get easy access to taxis, buses, and private vehicles from the airport. Overall, it plays a vital role in getting first-class facilities and convenient flights across the world.

Newcastle International Airport (NCL)


The airports in England play a crucial role in millions of passengers traveling each year. All are full of modern facilities, effective operations, and comfy transportation worldwide. From business to leisure travel, passengers enjoy the best air travel services. If you want to travel, then you can take a flight from any of the above airports because all are good at their services.  

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