How much does a taxi cost per minute in the Uk?

Published May 12, 2024

Are you curious about how much a taxi costs per minute? Well, look no more. In this blog post, we will discuss taxi rates per minute in the UK. In England, it is essential to know about taxi prices because taxis are the easiest and most comfortable way to travel. Most of the taxi fare calculators in the UK calculate taxi cost per mile but at the same time, they mention ride time too so we can easily calculate cost per minute by dividing total ride cost by ride time.
The average taxi cost per minute in the UK is between £1.00 and £2.50 if your ride is longer than 26 minutes. However, for rides shorter than 26 minutes, there is a flat fare of £34.00.
Manchester Airport Trips offers competitive rates for their saloon cars, estate cars, Mercedes, and minibus taxis. Stay with us to know about the taxi fares in different cities, different airports, and vehicle types in the UK per minute.

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Who determines the taxi cost in the UK?

Local license authorities decide the taxi cost in the UK. Taxi drivers can charge certain rates determined by the local area license authority. These authorities calculate taxi fares based on traveling distance, time per minute, or surcharges for additional facilities. These charges are periodically changed with the people's reviews, economic conditions, or other conditions. Thus, taxi companies are not allowed to charge extra fares based on the local licensing authorities' rates. There is a penalty of about £1,000 if the taxi operator charges extra. 
On the other hand, each taxi is equipped with a meter to determine the fare according to distance or timing. Each taxi hire company has its own “tariff of fare” card, which shows the fare of taxis for each location. 

Compare to Local Transportation

Taxis charge much as compared to the other modes of transportation, like trains or buses. However, taxis have various advantages over public transport, like door-to-door service, flexible options, and efficient route selection. Taxis provide more convenience and flexibility than local public transport. Taxis are accessible 24 hours a day and easy to book virtually from any location you want. Due to its door-to-door services, there is no need for walking or a transfer to reach the station.

Taxi costs at different airports in the UK

In this section, we will discuss taxi costs and taxi costs per minute at the different airports in the United Kingdom, such as Manchester, Gatwick, Heathrow, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. These taxis set fares within the surrounding area or to other destinations from the airport. As Manchester Airport Trips, we provide very reliable taxis with a transparent cost per minute. Following is an overview of taxi costs from the UK's major airports.

Taxi costs at Manchester Airport

The 28-minute ride from Manchester Airport to the Manchester city center costs £44 at the rate of £1.57 per minute.

Taxi costs at Gatwick Airport

The 07-minute ride from Gatwick Airport to Gatwick City costs £34 at the flat rate below the 26-minute ride.

Taxi costs at Heathrow Airport

The 52-minute ride from Heathrow Airport to London costs £54 at the rate of £1.03 per minute.

Taxi costs at Edinburgh Airport

The 29-minute ride from Edinburgh Airport to the Edinburgh city center costs £53 at the rate of £1.3 per minute.

Taxi costs at Birmingham Airport

The 28-minute ride from Birmingham Airport to Birmingham costs £53 at the rate of £1.89 per minute.

Taxi costs based on vehicle type

Taxi costs vary for different types of vehicles. These categories of taxis include saloon cars, estate cars, luxury vehicles, and 8-seater minivans. You can book any taxi, from regular to standard, according to your budget, comfort, and capacity. Here is the cost of different taxi options for Manchester Airport Trips taxi service per minute in the UK.

Saloon Car

This car is ideal for solo travelers or small groups of three, keeping your travel costs within budget. For rides longer than 26 minutes, fares start at a low £1.50 per minute. Interestingly, the cost per minute decreases as the ride duration increases. However, for rides shorter than 26 minutes, the overall fare is fixed at £34.

Estate Car

Need a spacious car that prioritizes comfort for your luggage? Look no further than the estate car. With its large luggage space and passenger comfort, it's the perfect choice. Fares start at a competitive £1.60 per minute for rides longer than 26 minutes. Interestingly, the rate adjusts based on the ride duration. Shorter rides incur a slightly higher cost per minute, while longer rides may see a slight decrease.

8-Seater Minivan

Traveling with a family or large group? The 8-seater minivan offers the ultimate comfort for everyone. Fares start at a budget-friendly £2.80 per minute for rides exceeding 26 minutes. Interestingly, similar to other vehicles, the rate becomes more economical as the ride duration increases. So, sit back, relax, and save money on your next group trip!


Prefer a touch of luxury for your travels? Indulge in the elegance and class of our Mercedes cars. Fares start at £2.70 per minute for rides exceeding 26 minutes. While the cost may be higher compared to other options, the unparalleled luxury service makes it well worth the deal.

Taxi costs based on cities

This section discusses the taxi fares per minute across various UK cities. However, it's important to note that minimum taxi fares can vary between £1.40 and £4.00 depending on factors like distance, location, and time of day. These fares apply to rides exceeding 26 minutes. In contrast, rides shorter than 26 minutes have a flat fee of £34 throughout major UK cities.


Manchester is a vibrant city in northwest England that offers affordable taxi services for visitors and local travelers. The average taxi cost is about £1.6 per minute in Manchester.


The bustling historical city of the UK, Liverpool, offers convenient transportation to travel across the city. A range of taxis are available at affordable rates to arrive or depart the city. The average taxi cost is about £1.5 per minute in Liverpool.


In West Yorkshire, Leeds is a renowned city in England with many attractive sites. It offers a huge choice of vehicles with variable charges to meet the needs of passengers. The average taxi cost is about £1.6 per minute in Leeds.


The bustling capital of the UK, London, provides a range of vehicles, including taxis, to view the city’s beauty. The average taxi cost is about £1.8 per minute in London.


Birmingham has a diverse transportation network for people to travel across the city. Different choices of vehicles, including taxis, are accessible at highly reliable rates. The average taxi cost is about £1.5 per minute in Birmingham.

Factors Affecting Taxi Costs in the UK

Certain factors, including time of day, route, road condition, traveler numbers, luggage, etc., affect the cost of taxis in the UK.

Time of Day

The time of day plays a vital role in the taxi cost. During peak rush hours, like early morning or evening, taxi charges may be higher due to high demand. On the other hand, their charges get lower during off-peak times. However, the charges may also vary for taxi companies in different cities in the UK.


Usually, taxis charge based on the distance. The higher the distance, the more the cost will increase. Thus, total distance and route selection affect the taxi cost. You can discuss the route with your taxi driver according to your preferences.

Road Conditions

Road conditions and traffic play a significant role in the overall taxi cost. During the peak morning and evening hours, the streets of the UK are full of traffic. Thus, heavy traffic enhances the taxi time to reach the destination, so fares also increase. 

Travelers number

The cost of taxis rises as the number of travelers increases. Usually, cabs allow three to four passengers to travel easily. You need to hire more than one cab if you have more than six people. Taxi companies may charge additional money for the extra passengers.


Luggage capacity also influences the rate of cost. Higher luggage requires more space or a large cab, so you pay more. Manchester Airport Trips offers 20kg of luggage to carry in each taxi. However, you can also discuss if you want to carry more luggage.

Holidays and events

Taxi demands increase during the holidays and special events; therefore, their cost also rises. Hence, you discuss the taxi fare with the taxi company or the local driver before booking a ride.

Booking in advance

Pre-booking can save money and time. Most taxi companies offer special discounts and relaxation for pre-booking. Thus, book your ride in advance and enjoy your trip at reasonable rates.

Taxi costs on special occasions

Different taxi companies like Uber, Yellow Taxis, or other popular private hire taxis cost more during special days like Christmas and New Year. However, the good news is that Manchester Airport Trips serves you supremely with the same usual charges to make your special occasions more special.
Note: According to the law, all charges, including extra costs, should be added to the taxi meter at the start of the journey. Passengers are allowed to carry their luggage, dog, or other things without spending extra charges.


How much does a 5-minute taxi ride cost?

A 5-minute ride with Manchester Airport Trips will cost around £34. This is because rides shorter than 26 minutes have a flat fare of £34.

How much does a 10-minute taxi ride cost?

Manchester Airport Trips (MAT) charges a flat fare of £34 for rides under 26 minutes, including a 10-minute ride. This fare applies to saloon cars.

How much does a 15-minute taxi ride cost?

A 15-minute taxi ride with Manchester Airport Trips will cost around £34. This is because rides shorter than 26 minutes have a flat fare of £34.  However, you can still use our online taxi fare calculator for a more precise estimate of your rides.

How much does a 20-minute taxi ride cost?

Manchester Airport Trips (MAT) charges £34 for a 20-minute ride. 

How much does a 25-minute taxi ride cost?

Manchester Airport Trips (MAT) charges £34 for a 25-minute ride. 

How much does a 30-minute taxi ride cost?

Manchester Airport Trips (MAT) charges £48 for a 30-minute ride. According to this data cost per minute is £1.6.

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