Taxi Ranks in Manchester

Published April 29, 2024

Taxi ranks are the backbone of transportation in Manchester. They offer a convenient travel option 24/7, with a variety of vehicles available to take you anywhere in the United Kingdom at reasonable rates. Whether you're arriving at Manchester Airport or heading to Manchester Piccadilly, booking a taxi from taxi rank is always a good choice.
Private hire taxi companies offer a wide range of vehicles at each rank, ensuring you can find the perfect ride for your needs. While Manchester Airport Trips (MAT) isn't the only reliable service, they do have a strong presence across Manchester's taxi ranks. Regardless of your chosen provider, you can expect designated-rank cabs to be readily available for hire, 24 hours a day, offering spacious and comfortable transportation.

Top 5 taxi ranks in Manchester

In this blog we will discuss the top 5 taxi ranks located in Manchester. Let’s explore with us.

Taxi rank Manchester Central

It is near to famous points and landmarks such as shops, restaurants, and business centers, it offers a comfortable traveling platform. Whether you travel from a nearby location or have a faraway destination, you can book your taxi from the Manchester Central taxi rank. Moreover, numerous options of taxis for solo, family, or business groups enable you to enjoy hassle-free travel anytime. In addition to the central location and premium services, you can hire highly affordable taxis from there. Ride from Manchester Central taxi rank to Manchester Airport costs approximately £50.

Taxi ranks Manchester Deansgate

Located in the Manchester Deansgate area, this taxi rank is a popular choice for locals and visitors alike. Passengers can wait comfortably in the sheltered seating area while the digital dispatch system ensures efficient taxi booking.
Deansgate Taxi Rank is a reliable source for finding trusted taxis, with expert drivers and licensed vehicles available 24/7 for smooth journeys. Manchester Airport Trips (MAT) has a presence here, offering their fleet of taxis at budget-friendly rates. A ride from Deansgate Taxi Rank to Manchester Airport typically costs around £41.

Taxi rank Manchester Piccadilly

Located just outside Manchester Piccadilly station, this taxi rank is a hub for train travelers. Visitors arriving in Manchester by train often book taxis here for their onward journeys within the city. Similarly, those leaving Manchester by train can hop in a taxi at this rank to reach their final UK destination.
Whether you're sightseeing, heading for business meetings, or checking into a hotel, Piccadilly taxi ranks can get you there. Sheltered waiting areas ensure comfort, even during peak hours, as you wait for or hire your taxi.
Offering efficient service and competitive fares, Manchester Piccadilly taxi ranks promise a hassle-free experience. Professional drivers, with their in-depth knowledge of the local area, ensure your safety during your journey. From standard taxis to luxurious options, a wide variety of vehicles are available at Piccadilly.
A taxi ride from Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Airport typically costs around £37. For fares to other destinations, simply use our taxi fare calculator.

Taxi rank Manchester Airport

The Manchester Airport taxi rank is present just outside the famous Manchester Airport, one of the busiest airports in UK. You can find saloon car, estate car, minibuses and luxury vehicles parked at Manchester Airport taxi rank. This rank facilitates those who are coming from Manchester Airport by plane to their destination in the UK by taxi. Manchester Airport taxi rank has all basic facilities including toilet, waiting area, hotels and shops. It is a huge rank with thousands of vehicles parked.

Taxi rank Manchester Victoria

It is located near to the Manchester Victoria station, taxi rank Manchester Victoria is another known transportation center in Manchester. It has capacity for thousands of vehicles. You will find taxis round the clock in the Victoria taxi rank. Travelers from Victoria Station use this rank to hire taxis for their destination. Many professional taxi companies are providing rides from this Rank. The 24-hour-a-day services enable people to hail a taxi anytime, without delay. Moreover, MAT offers a pre-booking option for taxis with extra support if you are in a hurry. This rank is well maintained and has all basic facilities for travelers. Book taxi from Victoria taxi rank to Manchester Airport for just £43 with Manchester Airport Trips.


Overall, taxi ranks in Manchester serve a crucial role in city transport. From the busiest Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly, all ranks of taxis are swift ways to travel in the city. Our Manchester Airport Trips taxis are also available to each taxi rank to serve smooth, reliable, and affordable travel services. Whether you come from the flight or stepping off a train, MAT taxis always make your trip memorable. Book our taxis and enjoy a stress-free journey.

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