14 Train Stations in Manchester

Published March 27, 2024

Manchester, a vibrant city in England, plays a vital role in cultural and economic representation in transport. There are many different train stations you need to know about in Manchester. All train stations have their specialties, conveniences, and amenities for passengers. These stations connect Manchester to many destinations near and far. Manchester Station Group is known for its diverse network of Manchester railway stations. It includes Manchester Piccadilly (which connects Manchester to other UK main cities), Manchester Victoria (a historic station), Manchester Oxford Road (2nd busiest station among four), and Manchester Deansgate. The drivers from Manchester Airport Trips taxi service are available to pick you up at any Manchester train station.
In this blog, we discuss the top train station in Manchester. All act as gateways to provide easy access to other cities. Scroll down and explore the fascinating points at each station.  
Manchester is the central hub of transport, with many bustling railway stations. Following is a list of the 14 train stations in Manchester.
Train stations in Manchester

Ardwick Train Station

Ardwick train station is located southeast of Piccadilly station in Manchester, England. It was publicly opened in 1942 and then gradually renovated with time. In 2006, it was decided to close Ardwick station; however, due to great public demand, the proposal was rejected in 2007. 
Although it is less busy and larger than the other stations, it serves local commuters and travelers. The station operated without staff and offered minimal services. It has only one or two trains running from Monday to Friday across many destinations. It does not have a ticket office; therefore, passengers can get the ticket from the ticket machine across the station. Moreover, the station’s car park and bicycle storage areas are also available there. 

Burnage Train Station

The Burage railway station is present in south Manchester, England. In 1910, for the first time, it opened to the public. Then it is recreated many times to enhance the facilities and structure of the platform. Its recent structure was created in 2007 according to the latest demands. 
It serves local travelers to the city center and Manchester airport. Within an hour, the train departs two times toward Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Airport, and Cheshire Crew. Usually, it takes 10 minutes to travel to Manchester Piccadilly, 12 minutes to the Manchester Airport, and 50 minutes to travel toward Cheshire town, Crew. On the other hand, the train serves Southport and other destinations at peak times. It has a ticket office and two platforms, with proper seating areas for travelers. Moreover, junction 5 of the M60 is close to Buranage, so passengers can travel further via local bus or taxi services.

Manchester Deansgate Train Station

The popular part of the Manchester station group, Deansgate station, is present in the city centers of Great Manchester. It is close to the west of Manchester Piccadilly and Whitworth Street. At the start, it was known as “Knot Mill,” and then in 1849, it was renamed Deansgate. Northern Trains manages and controls the station. Most of the station is the same as it was designed in 1949, except for the footbridge added on Whitworth Street in 1985. This addition aims to provide a train station connection with the Manchester Central Exhibition Complex and its Metrolink trams.
It is full of modern amenities, including ticketing areas, seating areas, and areas for disabled people. Due to its location in the center of Manchester, it has convenient access to the shops, restaurants, and other attractive sites of the city. Thus, it plays a vital role in the transportation of locals and travelers across the other main stations of the region. 

East Didsbury Train Station

On the Style Manchester line, East Didsbury railway station is present on Wilmslow Road. It was first operated in 1909, then rebuilt in 1959, and further extensions were done in 2023. The Northern train runs in the middle of Crews call and Manchester at the half-hour schedule. Meanwhile, the Paccidaly station Northbound train and Manchester and Crews Southbound trains are running. It serves local travelers, businesses, and institutions. 
All basic facilities—ticket offices, waiting rooms, and seating—are accessible to passengers. Moreover, working staff in the ticket office, car parking station, and payphones also assist travelers. Outside the station, there are various shops and cafes for the relaxation of commuters. East Didsbury does not have any auto-announcement board about the train details; therefore, it is advised to passengers to remain alert and carefully observe train timings. 

Gorton Train Station

In the east of Manchester Piccadilly, Gorton train station is located in the Gorton district of Manchester. It opened in 1906 on the Great Central Railway. The popular routes of the station are Hadfield, Glossop, Manchester Piccadilly, and many other areas. At the start, it had four platforms, and two platforms are used nowadays. It does not have a ticket office; therefore, tickets are either pre-booked or obtained from the trainboard. Part-time staff are available there. 
There is no proper building arrangement in the station except for the waiting shelter. The train arrival and departure information is displayed either on the digital display or on timetable posters. Two trains are served per hour between Hopvalley, Piccadilly, and Rose Hill Marple from Monday to Saturday. However, it has limited facilities but caters to the needs of passengers for comfortable travel.

Gatley Train Station

Gatley station serves the village of Gatley, located on the Style Line in Manchester. It was opened publicly under the name Gatley of Cheadle in 1909 and then renamed the Gatley in 1974. It comes across the A560 Gatley Road and has a car parking area that is accessible to all passengers without any charges.  
Gatley railway station is known for passengers who want to travel a short distance across Manchester. From Monday to Saturday, the train runs from Platform 1 southbound to Manchester Airport and from Platform 2 northbound to Manchester Piccadilly. One southbound train also runs towards Crew on the route of Wilmslow. On Sunday, TransPennine Express replaced the northbound services at Saltburn and Manchester Airport, while northbound services ended at Wilmslow instead of Crew. It has two platforms connected via a ramp and footbath. Moreover, it has a waiting area with a ticket office that is only open in the morning. 

Levenshulme Train Station

Levenshulme train station is located at Levenshulme, 3.1 miles southeast of Manchester Piccadilly, England. Northern Trains manages and controls all the activities of the station. It has four bustling railway tracks. From Monday to Saturday, four trains run from Levenshulme northbound to Manchester Piccadilly and southbound to Alderley Edge, Buxton, Crewe, and Hazel Grove. On Sunday, one train runs between Manchester and Buxton. 
In the ticket office, staff is available from the early morning until the evening. During the other hours, the automatic ticket service machine serves ticket purchase and collection. Both platforms provide only basic facilities, including waiting areas and seating arrangements. Both platforms interlink via stairs; therefore, these are only fit for passengers who can walk on stairs. It acts as an important transportation hub for local and surrounding area travelers traveling to other cities in England. 

Manchester Airport Train Station

The most affordable and heart of transport station is Manchester Airport Station. It is equally a train, tram, bus, and other vehicle station. It is located on the Ringway in Manchester, England. Manchester station was first opened in 1993 and then reconstructed and expanded many times. Its latest fourth platform was added in 2015, filled with the latest modern facilities. 
“TransPennine Express” (TPE) manages the train station, while Northern Trains and Transport for Whales operate all services. Many major towns and cities are accessible via train. The UK’s famous cities—Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Crew, and many other locations—are accessible via train. Moreover, this station is within a walk of 10–15 minutes, so passengers can easily reach the station from Manchester Airport. Every 10–20 minutes, each train runs toward Manchester Piccadilly and beyond stations including Doncaster, Sheffield, etc. For ticketing, passengers can pre-book their tickets or buy tickets from Manchester Airport. Due to its central position, many attractive points and landmarks attract tourists.The distance from Manchester Airport train station to terminal 1 is just 201 meters (0.12 miles). If you have luggage and bags, you might prefer a taxi, which can cost around £30. Otherwise, it's a 10 to 15-minute walk.

Manchester Oxford Road Train Station

At Oxford Street and Whitworth Street junction, a popular train station is Manchester Oxford Road. It was opened in 1949 for the first time, then rebuilt and reopened in 1960. It has undergone various renovations and extensions to meet the demands of passengers. All five platforms are under the control of Northern Trains. It serves Liverpool, Lime Street, Windermere, Manchester Airport, and various cities across England. Due to its central location near Manchester University, the Palace Theatre, and other famous places, it is a convenient transportation platform for travelers. 
Passengers can prebook their tickets and also buy them from the ticket machine at the station. All announcements and train departure screens are displayed at the station for the people's support. Seating areas and toilets are accessible for passengers' comfort. Moreover, there are a variety of refreshment shops and cafes for people's entertainment. Taxi and bus services are also available for onward travel. 

Mauldeth Road Train Station

A suburban train station in the Ladyburn area is Mauldeth Road Train Station. This station was opened in 1909 as Mauldeth Road for Withington. It was renamed Mauldeth Road in 1974. In 2006, the station was demolished and redeveloped to make it more modern. New steel platforms, waiting areas, ramps, and other facilities are optimized to enhance public convenience. 
The station has two connected platforms to the ticket office. Proper staff and ticket machines are also available for passengers. Trains run to various destinations in neighboring towns and cities to cater to the passengers' needs. At the start, it served only the Manchester Piccadilly and Crew. Over time, it extended its routes, and now trains run daily to many other stations. From Monday to Saturday, the train travels toward Manchester Airport and Crew per hour. While one train runs Manchester Piccadilly and one train toward Liverpool Lime Street.  Thus, it plays a vital role in local transportation.

Piccadilly Train Station

The most popular and busiest train station in Manchester is Manchester Piccadilly. In 1842, it opened under the name of Store Street, and in 1847, it was renamed Manchester London Road. In 1960, various extensions and renovations were done, and it was finally renamed Manchester Piccadilly. Due to its central location, it is the central means of transport for both local travelers and tourists. 
Manchester Piccadilly station is full of facilities, from leisure to comfort. There is a car parking area, taxi, and Metrolink at the basement level on Fairfield Street. The staffed ticket office with the ticket machine is there at the station. Multiple shops, food outlets, cafes, pharmacies, and other shops are available at the main entrance. Furthermore, there are large lounges with seating areas, toilets, an elevator, a lift, and many other amenities for normal and disabled persons. The 14 platforms each are divided into A and B sections for nestling more than one train. It provides a connection to the other major cities, including Edinburgh, London, Glasgow, Lanchester, and many more. The distance from Piccadilly train station to Manchester Airport is just 8.7 miles. A taxi from Piccadilly train station to Manchester Airport can cost around £34.

Victoria Train Station

Another bustling station near the Cathedral of Manchester in the north of the city center is Manchester Victoria. It is the third busiest station in Manchester, with an enriched history. The station opened in 1844 and was then extended in 1902 to make it the best Manchester train station. After that, it was continually renovated and extended to meet the needs of passengers. It is located along the Manchester Arena, on the exterior of the National Football Museum. Meanwhile, the Northern Quarter on the southeast side of the station is a known area for music shops, bars, and cafes. 
Manchester Victoria has six platforms with four Metrolink stops. Northern Trains and Transpennine Express operate and manage the trains. Its southbound services include Chester, Blackburn, Manchester Airport, Liverpool Lime Street, Southport, and Wigan Wallagte. While eastbound services include Rochdale, Leeds, Blackburn, Stalybridge, Hull, Newcastle, and Saltburn. A ticket office with staff, a postbox, a telephone, shops, toilets, a car park, and other basic facilities are there to serve visitors.The distance from Victoria train station to Manchester Airport is just 10.77 miles.  A taxi from Victoria train station to Manchester Airport can cost around £43.

Moston Train Station

Moston, a renowned train station, serves Northern Trains on the Caldervale Line in Manchester, England. The station has served many destinations in Manchester and beyond since 1872. Trains run per hour from each platform. From platform 1, the Moston train runs southbound to Manchester Victoria, and from platform 2, northbound to Leeds and Rochdale. On Sunday, train service is limited to only the Manchester Blackburn Line from platform 1. 
There is no proper ticket office in the station; therefore, you can buy a ticket on the train. Waiting areas with seating arrangements are accessible on each platform. Both platforms have variable ramp walk access for easy movement. A single bicycle stand with a minimum storage area is there for cycle storage. Although Moston train station has fewer facilities, it provides good connections and access for commuters. 

Ryder Brow Railway Station

A long-serving railway station in the Gorton and Ryder Brow areas of Manchester is Ryder Brow. It is a small train station with basic facilities. Northern Trains manages and controls all train station activities. Two nonstaff platforms are connected via stepped ramps. Therefore, it is difficult for disabled people in wheelchairs to cross the platform. Both have timetable posts about the train schedule. Due to the lack of a ticket office, passengers can buy tickets from the conductor while traveling on the trains. The train runs toward Manchester Piccadilly and New Mill Central per hour from Monday to Saturday. Meanwhile, no service is available on Sunday.
Within a few minutes of walking distance from Ryder Brow, you can reach several parks, like Sunny Brook Park. For golf enthusiasts, there is a Denton Golf Club near the station. Along with the transportation activities, you can also explore more attractive sites around Ryder Brow. 

In general, all train stations in Manchester serve as a gateway for people to travel across the city. Whether you are a daily traveler, business traveler, or tourist, Manchester train stations are the best transportation choice to travel to different neighboring cities in Manchester. Therefore, you need to know about the Manchester train stations. I hope this blog will assist you a lot and help make your journey easier and more comfortable.Getting to airports and other destinations from train stations may require a private taxi.If you need a taxi at any Manchester train station, book online with Manchester Airport Trips for a hassle-free experience

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