Which is better Uber or Private-Hire Online Taxis?

Published March 09, 2024

In the modern era of advanced transportation, Uber and private-hire online taxis are the two prominent choices for people travelling. Uber is a global ride-sharing service connecting riders and drivers via a mobile app. With extensive connections, Uber provides convenient and efficient service to millions of riders worldwide. On the other hand, various private companies offer private-hire online taxis to serve regional passengers. They are also very reliable, comfortable, and safe.
This blog highlights the difference between Uber and private-hire online taxis and their advantages. Although both have their benefits, their choice varies according to personal choice and some other factors. Stay here to explore the interesting figures of each service along with its comfort level.
Uber and private-hire online taxis

What is Uber, and how does it work?

Uber Cab was founded in 2009 as a ride-sharing business to provide people with travel assistance in the United States. Then, it became the most-known band throughout the world. It is an online company that enables passengers to hire vehicles and take fares according to their destination. 
Uber works via the Uber app, which links passengers and drivers. It offers a proper pricing model for both riders and operators. However, during peak time, drivers are charged more than during regular hours. 

What are private Hire Online Taxis, and How do they work?

Private hire taxis are taxi companies with their online booking website and mobile booking app providing taxi services. Various online private-hire taxi companies are working in the UK. They have their independent staff, divers, vehicles and business setup. Customers pre-book their rides via the official company website or from the app. They fill out the form and reserve a ride. For example, if you want to book a ride to or from Manchester, you can open a website for private taxi services like Manchester Airport Trips. Provide general information about your pickup and destination points on the particular day and time. Then, passengers can enjoy their journey at the fixed rates.

What is the difference? Uber vs. private-hire online taxi

The comparison between Uber and private online taxis depends on numerous factors, like availability, charges, security, convenience, and personal preference. However, we can figure out their basic differences. 

Safety: Uber Vs. Private hire online taxi

Safety is the primary concern of each customer. Thus, it is essential to know about the safety potential of Uber and private taxis.
Although numerous criminal stories are associated with Uber drivers, different cases of abuse and assault were reported against them. However, now Uber has enhanced its security features, like 911 services, trusted contacts, etc. With trusted contacts, riders can share their ride information with their family or close friends. They are in touch and safely reach their terminal point. 
Online private taxi
As small taxi service companies run these online taxis, thus they pay more heed to safety. Advanced GPS tracking systems and cameras fulfil all necessary security measures. 
Although both rides are safe, it is advised for passengers to stay alert and active. 

Cost: Uber vs. Private hire online taxi

Although both have the same metrics, like distance and time for calculating charges, check which is more cost-effective than the other.
Uber charges according to the length and duration. However, it takes extra charges according to the rush hours or location. Moreover, its charges vary according to the type of ride. Its costs are different from a normal UberT yellow cab to UberSUV, UberXL, or UberBlack. 

Online private taxis
On the other hand, online private taxis have proper rates according to the fixed routes. Usually, different taxi service companies have different rates according to vehicles and travel distance. However, Manchester Airport Trips is the most reliable company in England that offers highly reasonable rates. Like Uber, these taxis also vary as per ride type, from saloon cars to 8-seater minibuses. 

Regulation and Licensing: Uber vs. Private Hire Online Taxi

In terms of regulation and licensing, online private taxis are somehow better than Uber. 
Uber operates under regulations like vehicle standards, insurance structure, driver details, etc. While it requires drivers to have a specific license or permit related to a taxi license, rideshare permit, etc. Although Uber drivers pass through a proper process to become part of this platform. However, it does not properly check the driver's expertise or skills for the hiring procedure. Therefore, most people complain about the driver's inexperience and lack of proper skill.
Online private taxi
Online private taxi companies have proper regulations and licensing for their vehicles and drivers. Good taxi service companies meet safety standards, insurance requirements, and reliable costs. Meanwhile, they have well-trained, licensed, expert, and professional drivers who have complete knowledge about the particular location. 

Advantages of Uber over a private-hire online taxi

Uber offers advantages over online private hire taxis in terms of broad availability, convenience, and multiple payment options. 
Broad availability: Uber offers wide access in many cities and countries around the world. Meanwhile, online private-hire taxis are available in particular regions or areas. Thus, people can get easy access to Uber as compared to private taxis anywhere across the world. 
Convenience: The Uber mobile app has a user-friendly interface and a simple method to book a nearby ride anytime. Within a little time, your ride is in front of you. On the other hand, passengers need to pre-book their ride to start their journey with private taxis. 
Multiple payment options: It allows multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, cash, etc. Thus, the riders can easily pay money according to their ease. Meanwhile, online hire taxis charge the fare when the passenger reserves a ride.

Advantages of private-hire online taxis over Uber

Private online taxis also have benefits over Uber, such as expert drivers, reliability, and security.
Expert drivers: Private taxis have great knowledge about the local area's rules, streets, shortcuts, and traffic details. They assist in reaching the destination on time whatever the weather or traffic situation. Although Uber drivers have local knowledge, they are not as proficient as private taxi drivers.
Reliability: Due to limited area specifications, private taxis provide more reliable, on-time, and comfortable rides than Uber. As scheduled, the online taxi driver picks up the passenger on time, day or night.
Security: People feel more comfortable and secure while travelling in private taxis because they properly check their vehicles and drivers' behaviour. Thus, people prefer to ride in these taxis due to their premium safety services.


Overall, Uber and private online taxis are reliable, efficient, and good sources for local travel. Their prices depend upon the location, distance, timing, and type of vehicle. Thus, you can hire anyone who is most suitable for you. But do research on your area's best transport services before hiring.

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